LearnWorlds Review 2023: Top Rated Online Course Platform & LMS

What is an LMS?

Learning management systems (LMS) are the top online learning tools for coaching. Cloud technology provides high-quality content for schools and businesses. It is easy to operate and offers multiple customization options. It is possible using LMS to enrich course content thereby providing flexibility, credibility and scalability of learning in online learning.

Types of learning management systems

Cloud-based Learning management systems are hosted on cloud platforms and often use SaaS business models. Cloud LMS vendors provide technical maintenance and upgrades to your system. Users accessing the website can be easily accessed using the login and password. Self-host LMS requires that users download the software. The platform provides centralized creative control and customization but the user has to own the system and often has to purchase updated software. Desktop applications LMSs are installed on users desktops.

Which Businesses Can Leverage LMS Systems?

Learning management is beneficial for online coaches, schools and businesses alike. Extended online training is another application that uses LMS platforms. In other cases, a company is able to use online training resources to sell directly to customers and franchisees and also offer training in a specialized manner.

Before deciding on the best solution for your organization and training, you must establish a list of goals before you begin the full LMS vendor selection procedure. Some are focused exclusively on eCommerce, whereas many are known for selling online training courses. Amongst other things is CRM integration.

LearnWorlds Learning Management System LMS.

Learning Management Systems LMS just got a whole lot cooler with the LearnWorlds Platform.

This cutting-edge collaborative Learning Management System LMS is blowing everyone away with its personalized features and endless customization possibilities for online collaborative learning.

LearnWorlds is super accessible and interactive, making it the perfect LMS platform for teachers and students alike.

We dive into how LearnWorlds LMS is changing up the online training industry with its advanced suite of features.

What are the benefits of using LearnWorlds LMS?

LMSs can provide efficiencies and productivity, reduce training costs and improve compliance.


Why is LearnWorld the best Learning management system and best LMS platform for online training?

Build flexible courses in the best LMS platforms that cater to a variety of your learning objectives with great support services

Be in control of your content and design, preview your course LMS in real time, and bring it to life exactly as you envisioned it. Choose from flexible pathways that allow users to navigate freely with customized restrictions.


Revitalize your learning materials with limitless flexibility that empowers you to create engaging in just a few clicks using LMS

endless possibilities with LearnWorlds LMS platform.

Enhances reading and scanning strategies. It allows mixing and matching interactive online training, course materials, and elearning assessment tools.

Leverage LearnWorlds’ full LMS features and versatile marketing tools to design unmatched training materials, subscriptions, and coupons to build recurring revenue. Track the effectiveness of your learning materials with in-depth insights that reveal how learners consume content

                                         Rich Suite of Features in the Learning Management System
Learnworlds Rich Suite of Features


Transform your online learning with the #1 best LMS website builder instantly without any coding. With over 50 designer-made, industry-specific templates to choose from, you can build a stunning website for your academy in just a few clicks.

With LearnWorlds LMS user-friendly interface, you can Improve student engagement higher education, and training content and distribute courses

Start building courses today with LearnWorlds LMS advanced functionalities.


With LearnWorlds LMS, you get access to a potent arsenal of marketing tools that can help you cross-sell and upsell with ease. Memberships & Subscriptions offer the convenience of recurring revenue for your business, allowing you to create, market, and sell subscriptions for one or more courses.

Integrates With Email Marketing Tools

LearnWorlds LMS platform also integrates with email marketing tools such as Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, AWeber, ConvertKit, GetResponse, Constant Contact, MailerLite, and Moosend. So you don’t have to learn any new tools.

With LearnWorlds LMS, you get access to a potent arsenal of marketing tools that can help you cross-sell and upsell with ease. Memberships & Subscriptions offer the convenience of recurring revenue for your business, allowing you to create, market, and sell subscriptions for one or more courses.

You can track conversions with conversion pixels, identify where your best results come from, and improve your sales pages and funnels.

Launch LMS mobile app for iOS and Android

Take your business to the next level by launching your own fully branded mobile app for iOS and Android with LearnWorlds‘ Mobile App.

This can help you reach a wider audience and boost your visibility in Google search results with SEO-friendly URLs, meta tags, keywords, clean HTML code, and more. You can also leverage data from LearnWorlds’ LMS Report Center to get accurate marketing insights.

Streamline your marketing activities with Leading Integrations

LearnWorlds believes in streamlining your marketing activities and scaling your online academy effortlessly. With over 4,000 market-leading integrations at your disposal, you can create a profitable online marketing funnel that gets visitors flowing in, turns them into leads, and ultimately converts them into loyal customers.

With our tools, you can keep your customers engaged and use your digital products on the go with your own fully branded mobile app.

Use International And Local Payment Options

With LearnWorlds‘ learning management system, you can use international and local payment options. They include Stripe, PayPal, Shopify, Apple, Google Pay, and more. Sell your courses in the currency of your choice, and create unlimited courses with no limitations.

Google Analytics and Zapier Integration

Businesses love LearnWorlds for its marketing tools, such as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and Mailchimp, to name a few. Through its integrations with Facebook, ESP, CRMs, and other services, LearnWorlds transcends the LMS field and becomes the marketing channel for running effective ad campaigns.

Integration with Zapier is key for marketing, allowing you to follow up and offer additional deals to your students with ease.

With our Learnworlds, you can build, market, and analyze your school while keeping your students on point with live, flexible, and interactive courses.


Make your online learning content come alive with LearnWorlds Interactive Video Editor. Say goodbye to boring, passive videos and hello to an engaging, interactive experience that will keep your learners hooked until the very end.

But it’s not just about visuals. You can also gamify your videos by adding interactive questions that change the flow of your video according to the learner’s answers. Empower learners to control their own pace of learning journey and achieve better learning results.

LearnWorlds Interactive Video Editor.

With feedback at critical moments and interactive transcripts that make your videos more accessible, you can provide deeper assistance to struggling learners and maximize understanding and retention. And with a table of contents and navigational buttons, viewers can easily discover valuable content hidden within long videos.

Discover interesting reports for viewership and get a comprehensive view of watching trends for your videos, like average engagements, total plays, rewatches, drop-offs, and interactions.


Build the perfect branded mobile app for your academy in 3 Easy Steps

More advanced functionalities giving you Greater creative control

Make your business shine with an impressive mobile app. Maximize the power of the best mobile app builder for e-learning & start delivering great learning on-the-go experiences. Ready in under 60 minutes!


Turn your online academy into a branded mobile powerhouse. Select your app name, upload your logo, and fully match colors, texts, backgrounds, onboarding screens, and much more. 100% white-label, 100% yours!

Click-and-Edit Visual Builder

Easily customize your mobile app like a pro using our simple click-and-edit visual builder. Create and manage your courses from your dashboard, and keep your user interface and curriculum consistent across different mobile devices.

LearnWorlds LMS Platform: Push notifications

Trigger push online training notifications and messages based on user location, time, and segment. Instantly prompt users to take action on online training discounts or offers. Inform them about updates, and more through the LMS platform.

In-app purchases with lms

Drive sales directly within your app through in‑app purchases. Provide the option to directly buy digital goods, memberships & premium content from your academy.

Experience Ultimate Flexibility With Zero Coding!

Test your LMS app before publishing

Test run your app in real-time and make necessary adjustments to ensure it suits your needs. Explore key features & examine app performance to see how it works from the user’s perspective.

LMS WITH Built-in publishing to app stores

As soon as your mobile app is ready, LearnWorlds LMS pushes it live in no time. You can count on our team of experts to publish your fully branded mobile app to the app stores without any hassle.

Expand your reach without any limitations

Promote your online learning programs directly from your LMS app. Using the most powerful and user-friendly Mobile App Builder capabilities. Market your online learning programs through the Apple & Google marketplaces, onboard new leads, and skyrocket your conversions!


Experience hassle-free payments from start to finish with LearnWorlds LMS.

Learning Management Systems LMS platform provide you with access to the best and safest payment gateways, ensuring secure transactions for your learners with just a few clicks.

LearnWorlds LMS payment tools allow you to calculate taxes with ease, providing a stress-free experience for both you and your customers.

Integrate with Multiple Payment Options & External Payment Links

Create high-converting checkout pages for your online training courses with our pre-built and customizable payment sections.

Choose from various payment options, including one-time payments, Stripe subscriptions, and installment plans.

Allow your learners to purchase your digital products effortlessly with speedy checkout transactions, available through Google Pay or Apple Pay.

Choose from top payment gateways and EU local payment options to optimize your sales. Integrate with Quaderno to automate your tax compliance steps.


Manage Courses & Discussion Forums with Live Engagement Tools

LearnWorlds Live Sessions enable educators and learners to connect with time, fostering a more engaging and interactive learning experience. Whether it’s through Zoom, Webex, or Calendly, we help you harness the power of these tools to create meaningful one-on-one and group connections.

Peer Learning

LearnWorlds live sessions also provide a unique opportunity for peer learning, enabling participants to learn from their peers and experts by raising their hands, participating in breakout rooms, and asking questions in the Q&A.


LMS features 60+ highly converting, mobile-friendly popup templates

An exciting way to engage your audience with stunning popups! With this, you can create powerful pop-ups within your online Learning Management System LMS, without the need for coding.

This feature can help you capture more leads, expand your customer base, grow your email list, and ultimately, turbocharge your business!

Email Subscription Opt-in.

Capture all those coveted emails from potential customers who are browsing your online academy with an email subscription opt-in. Onboard learners with a warm greeting using a video message when they login to your online academy and make your business stand out. Feature hot deals, special discounts, or discounted bundles running for a limited time, and prompt visitors to act before expiry!

Create an exit-intent popup that can be customized for different audiences, actions, or even pages to reduce your online academy’s abandonment rate. Engage your learners by building anticipation for any future release, update, new, or coming soon digital products, services, or online courses. You can also display simple notifications, cookie messages, or announcements about your online business that interest your visitors and learners.


LearnWorlds is the perfect LMS solution to fuel your online business revenue with subscriptions and bundles. With our easy-to-use models, you can generate more income from your online courses, just create courses once, group smartly, and gain more revenue – over and over again! Plus, you can get started for free!

Grow your consulting practice with subscriber-only groups. Get the most out of subscriber-only chats for your consulting practice and allow subscribers to book a one-on-one call with you right within your academy.


LearnWorlds advanced assessment builder offers a personalized approach to designing assessments and self-assessments that cater to your learners’ unique needs. With its tools, you can say goodbye to generic evaluations and welcome personalized learning experiences that truly make a difference.

You can add automatic feedback for closed-type questions and review or comment on any open-type question. LearnWorlds advanced grade book also simplifies grading, so you can spend less time managing technology and more time teaching.

The ultimate LMS solution for creating hassle-free online exams! 


You can map each user with their responsibilities and create admins, instructors, reporters, seat managers, affiliates, and any other custom user type you need.

Collaborate smarter, not harder, by providing each user with the appropriate level of access rights and privileges that are mapped to their needs.

This way, you can prevent team members from feeling overwhelmed by needless options and allow them to focus on their tasks at hand.

Customize Permission Levels & Roles

Customize permission levels with ease and make it easier for your team to work on their tasks by eliminating unnecessary options that act as distractions. Help your team members focus on what matters most to deliver on customer training programs that make an impact!

Collaborate with external partners

Collaborate with external partners by enabling partners and agencies outside of your organization to securely monitor the progress of your training programs. Assign third-party collaborators user roles so they can access only specific sections of your digital academy, such as reports or marketing tools. 


Build Forms & Surveys in Minutes

Create professional-looking forms & surveys without any coding, already styled with your academy’s fonts and colors. Set conditions in seconds, customize them with a few clicks, and showcase them anywhere in your academy.

Discover an exciting and effortless way to capture the entire customer journey with LearnWorlds Form & Survey Builder. Create stunning and highly interactive forms and surveys for your various LMS platforms, website pages and courses with just a few clicks.

Elevate Your Customer Communication

Empower your customer communication with powerful surveys that collect key customer data. Whether you want to capture and qualify leads, assess learner preferences, collect NPS scores, or evaluate a course, there’s a type of survey to help you make your customer’s voice part of your success.

Manage Everything from a Single Dashboard

View, edit, and customize your marketing or course-related forms & surveys all from one dashboard. View each form’s responses, where you use it in your academy, and easily make changes with a few clicks.


LearnWorlds Analytics is a powerful tool that allows you to get in-depth insights into the impact of your learning business. You can measure and report the progress of your training programs with ease. Track your learners’ progress, exam results, survey responses, and training histories all at the click of a button.

With LearnWorlds Analytics, you can dive deep into course insights by analyzing your learners’ content consumption data.

By identifying bottlenecks, you can optimize your content for better course quality and performance. Additionally, you can prepare automated reports, saving you time and effort.

You can set up notifications to be automatically extracted and emailed to your stakeholders, keeping them up to date with the latest information.

leverage powerful data visualization

One of the most exciting features of LearnWorlds Analytics is the ability to offer these learning process insights to your learners. By connecting the learning process with performance, you can empower your learners to lead r own development.

By leveraging powerful data visualization for your partners, customers, instructors, and managers, you can give them visually engaging metrics and analysis.

Monitor Charts, Patterns & Trends

By monitoring employee progress of the full course funnel from beginning to end, you can identify common data patterns, pick up trends, and eliminate errors.

Gain an instant competitive advantage boost by identifying key eLearning metrics that help you understand your customers better and strengthen your position in the Learning Management System industry.

LearnWorlds Learning Management System Analytics

21+ charts for course enrollments, user progress, time on the course, and scores, as well as 70+ filters for course users. These let you turn data into useful insights for your business & visualize learning performance data.


Learning Management System LMS platform empowers you to connect with your favorite tools. These range from marketing and eCommerce to customer service, business automation, and payments. By streamlining all aspects of your Learning Management Systems, you can focus on what you do best.

Connect your Stripe account to your LearnWorlds school and accept payments from your students for course sales and subscriptions. Using various payment methods, including credit cards, PayPal, bank transfers, digital wallets, and “Buy Now, Pay Later” options like Klarna.

Integrate your Shopify store with LearnWorlds LMS to sell your online courses and digital products with ultimate ease. Connect with iDEAL, Bancontact, Giropay, Przelewy24, SOFORT, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Klarna, and AfterPay via Stripe to reach a broader audience and offer seamless payment options.

Automatically calculate your sales tax, send automatic tax receipts, and create sales tax return-ready reports with Quaderno. It makes the taxation process and tax compliance rule simpler and easy to understand (e.g., for EU VAT taxes).


LearnWorlds is the ultimate SCORM-compliant LMS that allows you to seamlessly upload SCORM/HTML5 packages and activities. With the industry’s best eLearning authoring tools, you can streamline content creation and leverage the versatility of Learning Management System SCORM/HTML5 compliance to easily import your content into your online school.

True SCORM/HTML5 Compliance

LearnWorlds is fully SCORM and HTML5 compliant, meaning that it will play any SCORM or HTML5 package you upload, allowing you to deliver your online courses with ease and flexibility. You can also import your SCORM and HTML5 packages in a snap, saving you time and effort.

SCORM Persistence

With LearnWorlds, learners can pick up where they left off as the platform stores session data and enables users to revisit learning activities without the fear of resuming. You can also collect SCORM scores in your school’s grade book by uploading SCORMs containing quizzes, tests, or any other assessment activity.

Easily Upload Off-the-Shelf Course Content:

With LearnWorlds, you can leverage the ease of ready-made off-the-shelf course content and upload it directly to your academy without the need to develop a course from scratch. This Learning Management System can save you a lot of time and effort.


You can integrate eLearning content from any educational authoring tool into LearnWorlds, making it a highly interoperable platform.


By using LearnWorlds Learning Management System LMS, you can create eLearning content that is portable between multiple platforms, making it a highly affordable option for educational institutions.


Build a professional and fully branded online academy that perfectly reflects your business and your brand identity with LearnWorlds’ LMS 100% white-label solution. Get started for free and take complete control of your online school.

Consistent Branding from Start to Finish

With LearnWorlds Learning Management System LMS, you can customize every aspect of your school, from design and branding to email notifications, and even a native branded mobile app.

1. What Is An LMS?

LMS (Learning Management Systems) are software applications used for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of educational courses and development programs.

2. How do we use LMS?

LMS or Learning Management Systems are versatile software applications that can be effectively utilized to develop and disseminate learning materials, monitor and analyze student progress, facilitate interactive communication and sell online courses.

3. What are LearnWorlds Pricing Options

Starter Starts at $25/Month (Billed Annually – Save $60)
Pro Trainer at $79/Month (Billed Annually – Save $240)
Learning Center at $247/Month (Billed Annually – Save $600)

4. What Are The Components Of Learning Management Systems?

A learning management system LMS typically includes features such as course creation and management, content management, student management, assessments, communication tools, reporting & analytics, and integration with other systems.

5. What is an example of a learning management system?

Examples of learning management systems. LMS providers include LearnWorlds, Vonza, Keep, Google Classroom, and Teachable.

6. What Is The Purpose Of A Learning Management System?

The purpose of a learning management system LMS is to create immersive learning experiences for employee training soft skills in corporate environments and customer education in the elearning industry.


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