QuillBot AI Writing Tool

QuillBot is an excellent Artificial Intelligence writing aid tool that helps you optimize your writing professionally, improves productivity and helps you to save time.

Its writing applications consist of highly useful and vast which entails paraphrasing, grammar correctness, co-writing, summarizing, citation and translation. 

I am happy to recommend the QuillBot writing application and I will tell you how I discovered QuillBot and why it has remained my favorite AI writing tool.

How I Discovered QuillBot

In early 2023, OpenAI’s ChatGPT gained popularity as a powerful tool capable of generating vast amounts of text on various topics, including articles, blogs, journals, novels, educational materials, and entire books, showcasing its ability to generate vast amounts of text.

I faced challenges with AI content and plagiarism, with over 80% of generated text failing the detection test. I struggled to make the text sound original and humanized. This led to my search for other writing tools online to improve my writing.

I found QuillBot online available for free with excellent performance and without ads. This was a game changer! 

QuillBot Features

Paraphrasing Feature for Rewriting Sentences

QuillBot’s paraphrase tool helps you to rewrite sentences or phrases in order to improve writing clarity while preserving the original meaning and context of your idea.

The paraphrase tool is divided into two parts. On the left side, you can either past your text or upload a document. This will extract the words in the file and make it ready for paraphrasing.

The default paraphrase mode is the Standard mode.

At the top right of the tool bar, we have the Synonyms feature. This helps you adjust the 

Number of changes you desire for your paraphrased text.

When you click on the Paraphrase button, Quillbot will generate the paraphrased text on the write side for comparison.

One nice feature here is your ability to change words and edit your text on either side of the tool.

Fluency. Just like the name implies, it ensures your text sounds natural and genuine while maintaining the meaning from the original text.

Formal Mode. This mode is very suitable for official purposes. It changes your text to help you sound more professional and experienced. This helps you build trust with your business associates, students, and clients.

Academic Mode: This is suitable for academicians, authors, students, teachers and researchers. 

Use the academic mode to write your academic projects and benefit from the rich synonyms from QuillBot that makes you sound like a professional.

Simple Mode. This mode makes complicated or advanced text easy to read and understand at a glance. It is suitable for making presentations, public speeches, marketing content, social media posts, Search Engine Optimization meta descriptions.

Creative Mode. This mode makes the most amount of changes to the text so it looks and sounds entirely different. It is possible that the meaning will be altered using this mode. 

Shorten Mode. This mode shortens the text as much as possible while retaining the original meaning. This is good for reducing overall word count.

Expand Mode. This mode increases the length of the text as much as possible by adding more words. This is good for when you need a higher overall word count. 

Custom Mode:

QuillBot Grammar Checker

The QuillBot Grammar Checker shows you all the writing errors underlined in your text at a glance. It gives you the option to ignore errors but if you are okay with the suggested corrections on the right side, you can click on the Fix Errors button and all the grammatical errors will be corrected at once.

QuillBot Plagiarism Checker

The plagiarism checker scans the internet for similarities in your text. By using identical, minor changes and omitted words, QuillBot’s plagiarism checker will give you the number of results found and a percentage score for your text.

All identical and minor changes are color coded to show you were the plagiarized content was detected and helps you cite the sources.

You can also scan your documents in 100+ languages with monthly scans of up to 20 pages of 250 words each. 

The QuillBot Plagiarism checker tool is only available to premium subscribers.

QuillBot Co-Writer

You can create projects and collaborate with colleagues or business associates. This feature allows you work simultaneously on the same project with different users.

QuillBot’s AI co-writer tool ships with different templates to get you started quickly. They include academic, professional, personal, email & letters ad you can create customized templates.

QuillBot Summarizer

This is one of my favorites. It helps you shorten longform texts while preserving the key aspects of information contained in the original in professional concise summaries. 

The Summarizer allows you to adjust the length between short and long summary versions by moving the slider at the top left of the toolbar.

QuillBot Summarizer also allows you summarize text into bullet points. This is very useful for writing Minutes of Meetings, Presentations and Key takeaways from articles

QuillBot Summarizer helps you to save a lot of time while improving your productivity and efficiency.

QuillBot Citation Generator

Properly citing sources is crucial in academic writing. With the citation generator feature offered by Quillbot.ai, you can automatically generate accurate citations in various formats such as APA, MLA, or Chicago Style.

QuillBot Translator

This detects the language of the text pasted on the left and allows you translate to any language of your choice by selecting the dropdown menu. You can find this at the top left side of the toolbar.

Pricing and Plans for Quillbot AI

  • Free Plan: Gives you access to the basic functionalities without ads or credit card requirements.
  • Premium Pan: $4.17/month when billed annually and $6.66/month when billed semi-annually


With  its impressive features and user-friendly interface, QuillBot is capable of serving large classes of users with different purposes.Its attractive and affordable pricing plans makes it among the top rated AI writing tools in the world.

Give QuillBot a try today!


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