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Introducing the most powerful Mobile App Builder

The realm of mobile learning, or mLearning, is experiencing a significant transformation with the introduction of the most powerful mobile app builder.

I am excited to show you how to stay ahead of the competition and provide your online school with a native app that is code-free by watching the on-demand recording.

This LearnWorlds on-demand recording gives a step by step guide on the secrets of building an exceptional mobile learning experience.

Launch Your Mobile App With LearnWorlds

Ready to create amazing mobile learning experiences?

Cross-Platform Mobile App Builder

Do you want to create exceptional mobile learning experiences for your students? If so, visit LearnWorlds and discover how this mobile app builder can change the game in the eLearning industry.

LearnWorlds eLearning platform is a game-changer that enables you to build your own mobile app for both iOS and Android. This will help your online school stand out in the eLearning industry. The app comes with a fully white-labeled feature, meaning it’s truly yours! Your eLearning app will be in your app store account with your branding.

In addition, LearnWorlds platform allows you to engage your audience by driving them back to your app with perfectly timed push notifications that inspire learning. You can also offer in-app purchases to supercharge your income.

With its no-code app builder, you can easily scale with confidence by creating your online courses and mobile app using one administration panel. The best part is, you can seamlessly sell and upsell your digital products via Apple Pay for iOs and Google Pay for Android.

About Mobile Learning

What is clear is that mobile learning is not just about technology, it is about the learner. It’s an incredible power every one of us has – the power to gain knowledge and adapt so we can move forward in this ever-changing world. Learning how to learn is such a useful skill too – once you’ve mastered it, there are just so many opportunities out there!

The ascent of mobile education has presented a significant commercial prospect. As smartphones and other mobile devices become increasingly accessible, learners can obtain educational materials from any location at any time. This creates novel possibilities for e-learning platforms and educational content providers to broaden their audience.

Mobile Learning: An Opportunity for Entrepreneurs

The realm of e-learning is poised to amass a considerable fortune of more than $350 billion in the forthcoming five to six years, with a substantial $80 billion coming from the mobile learning sector.

This fast-growing segment of the e-learning market offers ample openings for instructors and entrepreneurs alike.

Considering that most mobile phone users spend their time using apps, it’s crystal clear that creating mobile-friendly educational resources is a prerequisite for targeting a vast audience.

As more and more people adopt smartphones as their primary internet source, developing a mobile-first learning experience is a fundamental requirement for any enterprise seeking to penetrate this market.

Why You Should Act Now

Given the massive size and rapid expansion of the mobile learning market, quick action is paramount. The forecasts indicate that over a quarter of the e-learning industry will be comprised of mobile learning by 2025. Consequently, entrepreneurs that can provide a mobile-first learning experience will be well-positioned to succeed.

Bite-sized learning, micro-learning, and blended learning are examples of the growing trends in this sector, tailored to fit perfectly into the mobile learning domain. These easily digestible segments of information, presented on mobile devices, offer a seamless learning experience that caters to the way learners consume content, socialize, and work.

Let’s Talk Product: LearnWorlds Mobile App Builder

The LearnWorlds application, a mobile learning tool, boasts remarkable capabilities that can amplify your course completion rates by 15%. Its Mobile Builder feature is a potent instrument that caters to students’ learning requirements and indulges them in an enriching learning adventure that will entice them to return for more.

LearnWorlds Builder Main Dashboard

Irrespective of whether you’re not vending online courses, the Mobile Builder can still be advantageous to attain your training objectives within a corporate environment. Its adeptness in offering a favorable learning experience ensures that your staff remains contented and driven to accomplish their aspirations.

Access New Audiences

By utilizing the LearnWorlds management system LMS, one can effectively broaden their client base and advance their business. It is essential for any ecommerce enterprise to reach new audiences, and LearnWorlds presents an accessible solution to this end. Through this platform, you can effectively advertise your courses and appeal to individuals who may not have otherwise come across your content. This has the potential to augment your financial gains and bolster overall triumph.

Easy & Quick Access to Your Users

Mobile applications, to me, embody the most exhilarating aspect of contemporary education. They enable proprietors of learning institutions and online mentors to connect with their pupils at any given time and place. With the aid of push notifications, waiting for emails or messages to be read before discussing important matters is no longer a concern.

By means of mobile applications, instructors can effortlessly communicate with their learners, conveying messages expeditiously and efficiently. Furthermore, mobile applications have the potential to enhance the revenue streams of educators.

By accessing new audiences and offering in-app purchases, instructors can market more courses while simultaneously establishing a more direct line of communication with their learners, ultimately leading to elevated levels of learner satisfaction.

Create and sell online courses from your own website

However, the benefits of mobile applications do not conclude there. Instructors can also utilize analytics to gain insight into the progress of their learners and customize their teaching methods accordingly.

Thanks to the multitude of interactive features available on LearnWorlds mobile application

Complete Learning Ecosystem

The LearnWorlds platform surpasses its label for building simple educational websites. It offers a complete learning ecosystem, which equips educators with an array of learning tools. Through LearnWorlds, instructors can create a comprehensive learning experience for their pupils, one that encompasses course material and a full-fledged e-commerce platform. This affords educators the opportunity to enrich their instruction in ways that would be impossible with a standard website.

Your fully branded online academy. 100% white label

LearnWorlds is dedicated to providing truly white-label online schools, going the extra mile to ensure complete branding control for their clients. As part of this commitment, LearnWorlds offers clients the opportunity to have their own branded mobile app available in their own Apple and Google Play Store accounts.

Embracing mobile marketing and having a branded mobile app is the only way to truly become a market leader in today’s digital landscape. With over 50% of mobile app revenue generated via in-app purchases, the potential for increased revenue is substantial. Additionally, mobile app conversion rates are 50% higher than website conversion rates and 100% higher than mobile browser conversion rates.

By taking advantage of this opportunity, schools can increase their performance and engage their learners through push notifications and direct marketing channels. Instructors can instantly notify learners about course updates, new courses, special events, and offers, all while keeping them engaged with the school’s brand.

Customization: Drag and drop mobile app builder

Customizing your mobile app’s splash screens or onboarding screens plays a pivotal role in introducing your learners to your app. Not only does it enable you to educate your users about the app’s features, vision, and benefits, but it also showcases your creativity and distinctiveness. LearnWorlds has made customizing these screens a breeze with just a few clicks.

Choose your own title, upload images, and rearrange the order of your onboarding screens effortlessly with a quick drag-and-drop option. In addition, our platform also allows you to localize your app’s content to match your user’s preferred language. You can edit the text and localize it without any hassle.

Once you’ve personalized your app’s branding, the next step is to test it before submitting it to the app stores. LearnWorlds provides you with a live demo version of your branded app that you can download and install from either the Google Play or the App Store.

Testing your app has never been easier. With LearnWorlds, you can customize your app’s splash screens and test it without any hassle, saving you time and effort.

Learn how to build your own app using drag and drop mobile app builders. No coding required.

Get started today!

LearnWorlds User Training & Support for Builders

Mobile education is a persistent trend that requires our utmost dedication to capitalize on. Over the course of the subsequent trimester, we will present seminars and materials to enlighten you on how to extract maximum benefits from your mobile application. It is not simply a technological commodity, but rather a means of attaining competitive advantage and investing in your prosperity.

Our product is not akin to LearnWorlds, where competing creators and vendors can divest you of your audience. It is a tool that belongs solely to you, empowering you to display your creative aptitude, knowledge, and fervor. This app generates revenue for you and enables you to connect with your students on the device they use most frequently.

With the ascent of mobile education, the question you should ask yourself is whether you are ready to serve your students where they are. LearnWorlds novel mobile application launch provides you with the opportunity to do just that.

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