Best Enterprise SEO Tools

Enterprise SEO tools are integrated platforms that offer features for finding keywords, auditing technical issues, optimizing content, managing backlinks, and analyzing competitors to give a complete picture of current performance that helps make smart choices for enhancing web visibility and digital marketing.

In this comprehensive guide, we, at Inspayar, will walk you through the world of Enterprise SEO, its significance, and how it can help your business outrank your competitors.

In this article, I will share my experience with the 3 Best Enterprise SEO Tools and provide a detailed review to help you choose the right one for your needs.

Surfer SEO

Best for Enterprise

  • Customizable Article Volume
  • Dedicated Customer Support Manager
  • Top-Quality Content
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Vast Integrations
  • High Valued Add-ons


Best for Automation

  • Automated Content Creation
  • Integrate SEO Stack
  • Lower Pricing
  • High Quality Content
  • All in One SEO App
  • Automated Optimization

Surge Graph

Best All in One SEO App

  • All in One SEO App
  • Long Form Content
  • High Quality Content
  • Fairly Priced
  • Content Optimizer
  • Unlimited Articles
  • Money Back Guarantee

In the digital age, online visibility has become paramount for businesses seeking success and growth. And when it comes to achieving top Google rankings, Enterprise SEO stands out as the ultimate solution.

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is a comprehensive tool for content creation and optimization that helps content marketers boost their brand, traffic, and revenue with data-driven strategies. It leverages NLP technologies, machine learning, and over 500 web signals to analyze and improve content performance.

Enterprise Features of Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO, an AI-powered platform, offers invaluable assistance in generating and enhancing content to achieve superior search engine rankings. With an array of tools and features, it aids in content planning, writing, and optimization.

Tailored to meet the demands of large agencies and content-intensive businesses, Surfer SEO serves as exemplary enterprise software. Custom plans are available, designed to align with your specific requirements and budget. For a personalized quote, simply reach out to their dedicated sales team.

Embracing Surfer SEO as your enterprise software grants several advantages:

  1. Customizable Article Volume: Obtain a personalized number of articles and enjoy unlimited seats for your organization.
  2. Dedicated Customer Success Manager: Benefit from the support and expertise of a dedicated manager, assisting you in achieving your content objectives.
  3. Access to Comprehensive Add-ons: Unlock all the add-ons, including Grow Flow, Audit, SERP Analyzer, White Label, and API.
  4. Rich Knowledge Resources: Gain access to Surfer Academy, Surfer’s Knowledge Base, SEO Surfers Community, and Surfer Support.
  5. Rapid, Top-Quality Content: Leverage Surfer AI to produce high-quality, finely-optimized articles within minutes.

With Surfer SEO, empowering your content strategy becomes an effortless and efficient endeavor.

Some of the features that Surfer SEO provides are:

Surfer AI: Create high-ranking content in minutes with this tool that uses your keywords and competitors to generate engaging and relevant copy.

Content Editor: Write and improve content in any language with this tool that gives you instant feedback and suggestions on how to optimize your text.

Outline Builder: Generate briefs with catchy headlines and questions in seconds with this tool that helps you plan and structure your content.

Plagiarism Checker: Ensure the originality of your article and avoid potential penalties with this tool that checks your text for any duplicate content.

Integrations: Surfer SEO integrates with Google Docs, WordPress, Jasper, and other platforms to make your content creation process easier and faster.

Surfer SEO offers different plans and pricing to suit your needs and budget. You can try it for free or choose from the Basic, Pro, or Business plans.

What is the cost of Surfer SEO?

Surfer SEO’s official website states that they have 3 pricing plans and an Enterprise Plan:

Essential Plan: You pay $89 per month or $69 per month with annual billing. You get 180 Content Editor credits per year, 2 seats for your organization, and access to Keyword Research, SERP Analyzer, and Content Editor tools.

Advanced Plan: You pay $179 per month or $149 per month with annual billing. You get 540 Content Editor credits per year, 5 seats for your organization, and access to all the tools in the Basic Plan plus Audit, Grow Flow, and White Label add-ons.

Max Plan: You pay $299 per month or $249 per month with annual billing. You get 1080 Content Editor credits per year, 10 seats for your organization, and access to all the tools and add-ons in the Pro Plan plus API.

They also have the Enterprise Custom Plan for large agencies and enterprises that require a lot of content.

You can reach out to their sales team to get a tailored quote. The custom plan includes unlimited articles, unlimited seats, dedicated customer success manager, and all the add-ons.

Here is some feedback from customers who improved their business outcomes with surfer seo

Source: Conversation with Bing, 7/28/2023
(1) Surfer – SEO Content Editor — Your Powerful Writing Assistant. https://surferseo.com/content-editor/.

Scalenut Review

With Scalenut, you can create content faster and easier with the help of AI. Scalenut is a platform that combines SEO and content marketing features, such as keyword research, topic analysis, AI writing, content optimization, and publishing, in one place.

You can also use Scalenut’s free paragraph generator to write captivating and relevant paragraphs for any topic. Scalenut’s users love its quality, speed, and simplicity .

  • Do you want to give Scalenut a try for your content projects?
  • You can sign up for free on their website and start creating content right away.
  • If you need any help with Scalenut, you can reach out to their support team or visit their resources page.

Enterprise Benefits of Scalenut

Using Scalenut for content marketing can help you:

  • Automate the content creation process with AI and save time and increase productivity.
  • Produce high-quality content that performs well on search engines by using Scalenut’s features for keyword planning, NLP-powered topic research, AI writing, content optimization, and publishing.
  • Gain an edge over your competitors by analyzing their best practices and optimizing your content accordingly with Scalenut’s SERP analysis feature.
  • Write captivating and relevant paragraphs for any topic with Scalenut’s free paragraph generator tool.
  • Integrate your SEO stack with Scalenut’s WordPress, Semrush, and Copyscape integrations

What is the pricing model of Scalenut?

This is the pricing model of Scalenut based on the information I found:

Scalenut has three pricing plans that start from $20.00/month when billed annually. These plans are suitable for bloggers, marketers, affiliate content creators, and businesses who want to scale their content production.

  • The pricing plans are called EssentialGrowth, and Pro. They cost $39, $79, and $149 per month respectively.
  • The Essential plan includes 100,000 AI words, 5 SEO articles, 40+ AI templates, cruise mode, SERP analysis, NLP key terms, SEO editor, document sharing, chrome extension, email support, and live chat support per month.
  • The Growth plan includes unlimited AI words, 30 SEO reports, 30 keyword clusters, 30 page audits and optimizations, 1-click WordPress publish, integrations, and everything in the Essential plan per month.
  • The Pro plan includes unlimited AI words, 75 SEO articles, 75 keyword clusters, 150 page audits and optimizations, dedicated CS manager, 1 user (add more for $49/user), and everything in the Growth plan per month.

Scalenut also has a free trial for 7 days with no credit card required. You can sign up on their website and start creating content right away.

Surge Graph Review

You may want to check out SurgeGraph if you’re seeking for a tool to assist you in producing interesting and useful material for your website or blog.

SurgeGraph is a contextual SEO and AI authoring tool that aids in creating efficient content silos, accelerating content velocity, and targeting the appropriate keywords.

In this post, we’ll go through SurgeGraph’s features and advantages and demonstrate how to utilise it to quickly produce SEO-optimized content.

SurgeGraph: A Powerful Tool for Content Creation and Optimization SurgeGraph is a tool that helps you create and optimize high-quality content for your website or blog. It has three main features that make it stand out from other tools:

  • Keyword Research: This feature allows you to discover the best keywords for your niche or topic. You can input a seed keyword or a URL and get a list of related keywords with useful metrics such as search volume, difficulty, CPC, SERP features, and more. You can also narrow down the keywords by intent, type, length, and other criteria. You can export the keywords to CSV or copy them to clipboard.
  • Longform AI: This feature allows you to generate long-form content for any keyword. You can input a keyword or a URL and get a content outline with headings, subheadings, bullet points, and more. You can also modify the outline by adding or deleting sections, changing the order, and more. You can then use the AI writer to generate content for each section.
  • The AI writer uses 50+ SERP data points from its SEO toolsets to create content that is SEO-friendly and matches the user intent and query1. You can also edit the content manually or use the auto optimize feature to enhance the readability, grammar, tone, and more.
  • Content Silo: This feature allows you to structure your content into a coherent and logical silo that improves your SEO ranking and user experience. You can input a keyword or a URL and get a content silo map with categories, subcategories, topics, and more.
  • You can also adjust the map by adding or deleting nodes, changing the labels, and more. You can then use the longform AI feature to create content for each node or import existing content from your website or blog.


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